Elephants on Parade and Preening Peacocks

Probably my favorite part of a sewing project is picking out the fabrics.  I love how fabrics sold at a fabric store are, in general, so much more interesting than the fabrics that are used to make massed produced clothing, linens, cloth kitchen items, etc. 

For example, the latest fabric I have been working with is from the Michael Miller Peacock lane fabric collection by Violet Craft.  It features elephants on parade and peacocks displaying their plumes.  There are multicolored weeping trees and delicate wrought-iron fences.  There is just so much detail and creativity in the design, and it is all put together so beautifully.  You can see all the designs in this collection at the Michael Miller website.

Here are some of the details from this fabric in the pink and brown combination.  I am using this in a mother-daughter apron set.

 Beautiful and so unique, isn’t it?  It really gives you an appreciation for fabric designers.  I also ordered this same fabric in a multicolor/gray combination.  I think that I prefer this color combination to the pink and brown.  I will use it to make some colorful and fun placemats.

And finally, here is how the mother-daughter apron set turned out in this fabric.  I love it!  I think that this fabric is so fitting for this apron design that I am now torn on whether to use the multicolor version to make the placemats or another apron!

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