Two Great Fabrics .. Paloma and Kaori Kokeshi

The one thing I really love about having my Etsy shop is that I am always on the lookout for great fabrics.  It seems that when I settle into a rhythm where I feel like I know all of the patterns and prints that I need to fill my shop, this is usually when I will inadvertently stumble on a fabric designer, collection, etc. that is totally new to me. 

This happened for me about a week ago when I found this fabric:

This is called Paloma from Alexander Henry’s Folklorico fabric collection.  I have always really liked this manufacturers designs and had seen other fabrics from the collection in the past, but I had never seen this particular print.  And I LOVE IT!  While searching for shops to purchase some yardage of Paloma, I found some other great Alexander Henry fabric.

I especially liked that last one called Kaori Kokeshi and thought that I could use some of this print as well in my shop.  The second one with the manga girl is really cute too — I am thinking of how I might use this one?? 
The one thing that I noticed as I looked at Alexander Henry fabric is there is a lot of Japanese influence and Mexican influence in the designs.  I think this is part of what makes them so appealing to me – I grew up in Southern California where there are healthy populations of both.  And it turns out the Alexander Henry is located in Burbank with its own in-house designers.  

I had to pay a little more for the Paloma and Kaori Kokeshi fabrics, but I think the results are worth it!


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