Vintage Butcher Apron

Yay!  A new apron pattern!  I have been itching to make one of these great butcher aprons since I bought the pattern a few months back.  This pattern is fairly easy to find even though it was published in the 1970s.  The apron is actually more of a dress than an apron, and you can tell by the way the models are styled on the front of the envelope.  It wraps in the back, with the back panels of the skirt completely overlapping so that you could wear the apron on its own as a sundress.  There is a small opening on the left side of the apron for the overlapped waist tie to pull through.  I love wrap aprons!

I had to include this picture of the views — the model in the middle is so 70s!

 I decided to go with View C, which was the shortest version of this apron. 

View C

The length is actually much longer than I expected – 18.5 inches from the waist to the hem. This puts the hem at just above the knee on someone who is 5’5″ (which I think is average height for a woman??). I was happy about this because I thought I might need to lengthen it since I expected it hit mid-thigh, maybe even higher.

The original pattern has a strap that is sewn on at either side of the neck making a convenient pull-on halter-type top. I decided to modify this to two neck ties for better adjustment. I also trimmed out all the edges in bias tape instead of a double hem just because I love bias tape 🙂

Here is how it turned out:

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