An Apron for Me … Finally!

So, I have been busy the past year making aprons (and other hand sewn items) for my Etsy shop, and I am embarrassed to say that I do not have one of these aprons for my own.  Believe me, I have tried on practically every one once I have finished and taken pictures of it for the site.  I have looked myself in the mirror wearing one of my creations and have said to myself “This is REALLY cute!”.   But I have always been really disciplined about keeping them as listings for my shop- I am trying to make this into a viable business after all.  But when my Dad picked up this great fabric Yuwa Live French Ads during my parents’ last trip to Japan, I knew that it would be used for MY apron!

Here is how it turned out:

I LOVE it!  And here are closeups of the ads:


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  1. elnorac says:

    Love your apron, both the style and the fabric. That print is one of my absolute favorites! I've made a lot of projects with it, and they've been popular on my Flickr stream. Do you post pics of your sewing on Flickr? Since you like Japanese fabric, you should check it out if you haben't already. There's a creative, super supportive community of women there who sew with Japanese fabrics.

    Feel free to e-mail me or send me a Flickr message if you want to "talk" Japanese fabric. So glad I found your blog!

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