Another Christmas Product – Large Tree Skirts

I have been busy trying to get my shop ready for the big Christmas Season.  It is funny because I was busy sewing over the summer, but it didn’t seem like such a frantic pace.  All of the sudden August came and went – in a FLASH!  And then September is here, Nicolas is back in school, and I am wondering how I am going to finish all of my planned projects. 

I have my first craft shows coming up in November and December (hopefully – I haven’t been accepted to the December show yet).  I am nervous about these because I have never done one before.  But I am also really excited to see what people think of my products in person.  I think it will be a great learning experience.  And I just started on my first large order for a wonderful customer and owner of an online herbal company (more about this later!). 

So I have a few things that will keep me very busy until the end of the year.  The key is to relax and enjoy.  🙂

Because I have so much on my plate (by my standards!) I was very happy to finish and list a few Christmas tree skirts.  I have had these on my to-do list since LAST Christmas, even had the material and everything!  Last year, I finally decided it was time to replace our sad tree skirt that didn’t even completely wrap around the entire base of the tree.  We have a really large, sturdy tree stand and it would always show underneath our puny skirt.  So a few weeks before Christmas I made a 55″ diameter tree skirt in a gorgeous Laurel Burch holiday print.  It improved the look of our tree so much!  I thought this would be a great thing to include in my shop offerings!

Here are some views of the tree skirts that I have listed:

Laurel Burch Holiday Celebrations

French General for Moda Fa la la la

Not sure on the name/maker of this fabric.. Sorry!

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