It’s Crabtastic!

I just had to share this great fabric that I recently made into placemats for my Etsy shop.  It is by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics and is called Crabtastic.  This collection features all the ingredients one would need when having a seaside picnic.  Now I know that I am late in the year to be listing items with such a summery theme, but the fabric was so cute that I just had to!

Picture taken from Blend Fabrics Site

 I decided to make two sets of placemats, one that features lobsters and one that features crabs.  Here they are:

I think the thing that really drew me to this fabric collection was that the colors were softer than what you usually see in typical beach/nautical fabrics.  Instead of using fire engine red for the crabs and lobsters, the designer chose more of a burnt red shade.  For me, it really brought about that relaxed feeling of summertime!  And living in New England, the lobster bake theme is always very appealing to me  :)

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