My Craft Fair Apron

I have been pretty busy with my bulk order and making items for the upcoming holiday season.  One of the things that has been on my to-do list was to make myself a cute and functional apron that I could wear to the craft shows that I will be attending in November and December.  (My FIRST craft shows!)  I finally finished it yesterday.  I based the pattern on the skirt of my cobbler aprons, with a large pocket that runs the entire width of the apron.   I used what I had left of my favorite Yuwa Live fabric that I used for my cobbler apron in this post and paired it with a red and ivory stripe.

I separated the pocket into 3 sections (as in the original cobbler apron pattern), but I also added 3 skinny slots that can hold pens.

Here is the pen slot.

Here is what it looks like on.  I like the tie in the front. 

Sorry about the sloppy house pants!

This apron really reminds me of something a waitress might wear at a French bistro  🙂   I am thinking that I might make some of these for my shop when things get a little bit slower after the holidays. 

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