My First Bulk Order! Wild Carrot!

I wanted to share a bit about what has been keeping me busy on the sewing front.  I recently received my first large order  🙂  Yay! 

A wonderful previous customer had asked me toward the end of the summer if I would be interested in doing a large order of aprons that she could sell in her online skin care shop Wild Carrot Herbals.  I jumped at the chance since she was such a pleasure to work with on a custom order in the past and because I am very interested in finding new venues to sell my items. 

We settled on an apron based on this vintage pattern:

I loved the look of this apron when I was thinking of buying the pattern, but I have to admit that when constructed, it really looks nothing like the picture.  I think that the pattern maker was assuming the woman wearing it would also be wearing a very full skirt or maybe even a crinoline underneath it giving it a full skirt.  The skirt actually lies much more straight giving it a clean and elegant look (I think!).  Here is a sample of one of the aprons I have made from this pattern:

I made a modification to the ties at the shoulder so that they cross in the back and slip through loops at the waist and then tie either in the back or the front.  So, the apron is fully adjustable in the waist and in length of the back.  For this bulk order, I am modifying the pockets to be larger and sewn into the skirt panel seams.

My customer had mentioned that she was interested in a fabric that reflected the “wild carrot” brand, and I had the perfect suggestion.  It was Michael Miller’s Wild Carrot fabric from the Madrona Road collection by Violet Craft.  Wild carrot is another name for Queen Anne’s lace, and this fabric features large sprays of these flowers in pink, blue, tangerine and yellow colorways.  All of them are really beautiful and when I found this fabric I thought she would love it!  We decided to go with the pink, tangerine and blue versions of this fabric:

Sorry the blue swatch is so small!  hehe

I am trimming out the pink and tangerine aprons with the dark charcoal color and the blue apron with the yellow color.  I have finished a handful of the pink aprons, and here is a quick photo that I snapped of the first one that I made:

I love the way that it turned out, especially the new pocket design.  I will make sure to post pictures of the aprons in the other colorways in the near future – in front of the professional backdrop!  🙂

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