New (Old) Buttons!

Just recently, I decided to make a slight (but important) design modification to my Cobbler Aprons by adding buttons to each side at the waist.  I have a wonderful customer to thank for this change, and I really think it helps the apron stay put as you are going about your cooking/cleaning. 

I have a little stash of buttons, but not nearly enough that would work for my aprons.  So, a couple weeks ago I started my online search for some buttons that would fit the bill.  I ended up with a bunch of vintage buttons from a great Etsy supply shop called kabooco.  I was a little nervous ordering vintage buttons.  What if they were dirty?  Or broken?  Or just looked old?  But, when I received them I was very pleased to see that they were like new šŸ™‚

I purchased four colors/styles: white, hot pink, blue, and brown.

Just lovely, don’t you think?

The white ones will be used for most of my aprons, just because it will practically go with every print.

I love the little ridges

I think that the 1950’s pink and blue star burst buttons would look really sweet on my cupcake cobblers.

The brown buttons were listed as being from the 1970’s (I think??).  I am waiting on a new pattern that I ordered last week that I think will be perfect for this button.  I will be sure to point it out in a future post šŸ™‚  And I was lucky because the seller added a few extra of this style in green – Bonus!

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