A New Waitress and/or Vendor Apron for my Etsy Shop

I finally added half aprons for waitresses and craft show vendors to the product line of my Etsy shop.  I write “finally added” because I have been wanting to do this for about a year and only just got around to making and listing the first one a few weeks ago.  Yay!  The design of these half aprons is based on my own craft fair apron, but with some tweaks that fixed some problems that I found while wearing them at my first craft shows.


The apron is constructed with two rectangular panels of fabric, one larger than the other. The smaller panel forms a large pocket section that is divided into three roomy pockets. The waist edge of the larger panel is shaped with two darts for a better fit at the waist. The darts also serve to create the extra room needed for your hands to easily access the center pocket. I realized from wearing my craft fair apron that the placement and size of these darts were very important for the functionality of the center pocket!  The thing I love about these aprons are the endless fabric combinations you can choose.  This is my first time using the Little Kulka stacking matryoshka dolls fabrics.  I have used the owls and the pink Queen Anne’s Lace fabrics before, but I coordinated them with new fabrics which was fun.

Close up of the pencil pockets
One of the side pockets has two slim pockets that are added for stowing pens or pencils.  These pencil pockets are also in my apron, but I lost my pencil a few times in these pockets because the pocket sections are pretty long.  I fixed this by making the pencil pockets about half the length.
I also decided to add a zippered pocket to the center pocket of these aprons.  I thought it would be nice to be able to ditch the cash box and just carry everything on me.  The zippered pockets are really cute on their own – they remind me of those Le Sport Sac bags from the 80’s.
A view of the zippered pocket after it is sewn into the apron. 
I have only made the aprons pictured here (so far!) but I have many more planned, whenever I can get around to them :)

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