Cobbler Aprons in New Prints

I wanted to share four new cobbler aprons that I have listed recently on my Etsy shop.  This is probably my favorite apron style, so I always tend to make more of these aprons than the others.  Here are the aprons in new fabrics:

The first is a sweet print by Camelot Cottons that features watermelon slices and strawberries on a pale yellow background.   I loved this fabric when I first saw it, and I think it suits this apron style very well.  The style of the watermelons and the strawberries reminded me a lot of Japanese cartoons – not sure if the designer is Japanese?? 

The next fabric is a cupcake print by Robert Kaufman.  I have used this before in the blue colorway for a mother-daughter apron set.  I usually match this fabric with a brown/brown and white trim, but this time used red.  I love how it looks.


 This next fabric is another from Kaufman called “Who’s that Girl”, which is a very pretty fabric.  I have included a couple of closeups of the cosmopolitan ladies in their European cities. 

The last fabric is Girl Power and features Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl in action.  I loved Wonder Woman growing up, especially the episodes where she returns to her home (I think she was a Greek goddess??).  Now I am on the lookout for fabric with the Wonder Twins and their monkey!

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