A Wrap Apron Dress for my Mamma Bird

My Mom had seen and admired my wrap butcher aprons on her last visit to MA, and she even asked me to make her one in a fabric that she loves.  She told me, “I will pay for it of course!”  And I told her that it could be her Mother’s Day present!  I am so happy when I can give a gift that I know the other person wants 🙂

The fabric that she was interested in was “Mamma Bird” by Valori Wells and the Wrenly collections.  I love it and I have used it before.  I had actually wanted to make her a cobbler apron in this print for Christmas last year, but when I was shopping for fabric it was out of stock.

I think this print is especially appropriate for her because of the mama bird perched with her three babies – I have two sisters, so it immediately made me think of my Mom and my sisters!
I finished the apron today, and I snapped a couple of quick pictures before I packaged it up for her.  You will have to forgive the amateurish photos.  I didn’t have time to set up my photo back drop and dress form!
Can you tell I don’t take many pictures of myself in the mirror?

My Nic looking in on me wondering what Mommy is doing.

I love how it turned out and I hope my Mom likes it too.  I just hope it isn’t too big.  She is a little bit smaller than me!

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