Eco-friendly Grocery Bag

I have been making Market Totes for my Etsy shop for awhile now, and I just added a slight design variation.  The bags that I have been making are large tote bags suitable for grocery trips, carry all bags or the beach.   They measure about 15″x15″x6″.  So, they are larger than your standard grocery bag and are meant to be carried on your shoulder.

I have been thinking of making a standard grocery-sized bag for some time now, and I finally did.  They are basically the same size, just 3″ narrower. 
They still have the roomy pockets on each side:
And, like a grocery bag, the straps are shorter and meant to be grasped with your hands:
It was very difficult to get my “model” to stand still long enough to snap the picture!
I also used my new even feed walking foot for the first time while topstitching the top and side seams.  What a useful foot!  I love it!

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