New Fun and Frilly Girl’s Aprons

I have added a bunch of new ruffled girl’s apron in the past couple months.  It is probably because of the new ruffle foot that I got a few months ago.  They are so cute that I just had to share them. 


 The one thing that I did notice about the ruffle foot is that it gets very temperamental with thicker fabric.  My ruffle strips are folded over, so I am actually putting 2 layers of fabric through the ruffle foot (i.e., gathering 2 layers of fabric).  I had trouble with the brown and white polka dot fabric because it was a little bit thicker than the others (just slightly!!).  I am not sure if this would still happen if I had a ruffle foot that was specifically made for my machine ( I have a generic foot now).  But it made me crazy enough while I was trying to get it to work that I am considering buying the brand-name version.

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