Finally! Something for the Boys!

After sewing up a slew of sweet ruffled aprons for little girls that I wrote about here, I have been itching to make some apron and chef hat sets just for little boys.  I even bought a large stash of decidedly boy-fabric early in the year.  I have made these apron/hat sets before, and I knew that I wanted to make one change.  I wanted the aprons to be reversible, mainly so they would feel more substantial.  And, you would get the added bonus of two looks in one!

Don’t you just love boy fabric??!!

My original (non-reversible) apron is tied using a single tie that runs through channels connecting the waist and neck. This allows the apron to still be fully adjustable at the neck and waist, but you only need to tie one bow.   I definitely wanted to keep this feature, which I find is very convenient when helping Nicolas on with his own apron.  In order to do this, I left openings where the ends of the channels would be when sewing the two sides of the apron together.  Additionally, I finished the edges of these openings before sewing the apron together so that there wouldn’t be any stray threads peeking out of the channels.  Finally, I topstitched the apron and sewed in the channels using a zigzag stitch which I think is really cute for this style.  Here are a couple of closeups of the channel:


I was able to get some great pictures of Nicolas modelling these new aprons for my listings.  I tried to coax Jake into posing for me too, but he is a little bit weary of my aprons.  šŸ™  Oh well.  Maybe next time around!


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