Mother and Daughter Crossback Aprons

A customer recently asked me if I could make her and her daughter crossback aprons, similar to the ones I talked about in this post, in a kawaii owl fabric.

I love this fabric!
I thought that this fabric would be so cute for this style of apron, but since it is 44″ width I would need to modify the pattern since it calls for 54″ fabric.  I would also need to make a child’s pattern.  My customer was very flexible with the timeframe, so we got started!
I modified the women’s pattern to be cut into three pieces – a center apron section and two side panels that cross in the back and button on the front at the shoulders.  I made the silhouette into more of an A-line, which I have been interested in doing for this pattern.  And, I also added a large pocket the same width as the center skirt that is split into two section, which I think is a very useful addition!
For the girl’s pattern, I started with this great tutorial and modified it to look a little bit more like the mother’s apron.  I added the pocket and also two sets of buttons and made it a little longer so that the daughter can grow into it.
Here is how they turned out:
Front and back views of the Mother’s Apron:

Front and back views of the Daughter’s Apron:

 Some closeups:

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