New Apron Style – The Japanese Crossback

A few years ago my Mom brought me back an apron from one of her trips to Japan.  It is very simple – just crosses at the back and ties at the waist – but I love it!  I like that it does not have the neck ties since those halter type aprons tend to hurt my neck if I wear them for too long.  You may notice if you have visited my Etsy shop that most of the aprons I make and sell pull over your head.

I started searching on “Japan apron” online and found so many great styles.  Here are some of them:

I love the crossback and the fact that there are no ties at all.  I wanted mine to be slightly more A-line if possible.  I started with my pattern for the butcher apron, which has a nice A-line and overlaps in the back.  I decreased the overlap and replaced the halter strap at the neck with adjustable shoulder straps that cross in the back.  Finally, I added a large pocket in the front that is divided into two sections.  Here is my version:

I really like how it turned out.  I have already made several in the colorful quilting cottons that I like to use for my aprons.  You can find them here.  I am also planning some more utilitarian versions of this style in ticking and linen.  Can’t wait to start working on those!

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