Little Girl’s Japanese Crossback Apron

A few months back I came up with a new apron style the Japanese style crossback that has done pretty well in my Etsy shop.  I recently received a request from a customer who had purchased one of these aprons to make one for her daughter.  I loved this idea because I have been looking for a nice girl’s apron style that was not too cutesy or frilly.

The child’s version of this apron is somewhat easier to construct since the apron can be cut as one piece instead of the three pieces for the adult apron.  It also doesn’t need the darts to shape the bust area, which simplifies things.  I use adjustable straps as in the adult version so that it can be used for several years.

Here is how it turned out, in some really cute fabrics.  I have used most of these fabrics for my women’s aprons, and I think they really look sweet for little girls as well!

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