Nani Iro Waltz Etude Dress

I have been meaning to write this post for two months now and have finally gotten around to it.  I purchased this BEAUTIFUL cotton double gauze fabric last year sometime and had been looking for the perfect dress to make with it.

Nani Iro Cotton Double Gauze – Waltz Etude

The fabric is stunning, and I was a little unsure what exactly I wanted to make with it.  The print is very bold with large scale blooms, so I wasn’t sure if a dress was quite the right thing.  But, I really wanted a summer dress, so I decided on this easy pattern:

Vogue 8897, View A

This is a “Very Easy Vogue” pattern, and it is easy.  I did have to make a few fitting adjustments as I was doing the construction because it is so loose fitting.  I took the bust and waist in quite a bit, it was still very comfortable to wear.  I am always afraid that the waist will be too snug with the post-babies belly 🙂  The neckline is very low, so I always wear it with a camisole underneath.

Here is how it turned out:

It was super windy, but this was the best front picture

I think that it makes a really striking casual dress.  And, I almost forgot to mention that it has pockets (!!) which is almost a necessity for me these days.

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