Placemats and Napkins Just for Kids!

I have always loved all the children’s fabric out there, but honestly didn’t have much use for it in my shop.  This was unfortunate for me because there is such a variety and they are always SO CUTE!  They would be so fun to work with.  Here is a very small sample of my favorites.

I have offered aprons for boys and girls almost since the opening of my Etsy shop, but they haven’t been a huge focus since my women’s aprons have always had much more success.  So, I have never had the opportunity to buy children’s fabric to my heart’s content like I do with other fabrics (which is one of the main benefits of having my Etsy shop!).

I get the best ideas for new products from my customers.  I have mentioned this before in previous posts, and it is so true.  A customer was looking at my placemat sets and my napkin sets and asked if I could make a new kind of set that has just one placemat and one napkin in children’s fabric. She needs to send her daughter to preschool with these packed into her lunchbox everyday.  I loved this idea for a new product.

Here are a few for girls:

And some for boys …

Cute, right?  The possibilities of fabric combinations are endless!  I also thought I needed a special way of packaging these.  I was thinking ahead to easy and inexpensive birthday gifts and stocking stuffers.  I came up with this labelling:

I thought it made a really happy little package.
While I was working with all the colorful fabric combinations I started thinking about my NEXT product to add to my shop:  Mix-and-match napkin sets for boys and girls.  These are sets of five coordinating napkins that can be used at school or at home.  I am marketing them as a new fun napkin for every weekday.  When the week is over, throw them all into the wash over the weekend and you are all set for the next week.

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