Castle Hill at Crane Estate

I am going to take a little departure from my usual sewing and Etsy shop talk and feature a great New England place that we were lucky enough to visit over the long Columbus Day weekend.

Our favorite Massachusetts beach is Crane Beach, which is owned and managed by the Trustees of the Reservations.  We try to make at least three beach days at Cranes over the summer even though it is about an hours drive for us.  Last winter we even snowshoed some of the dunes trails because the area is so pretty with the wide beach, sand dunes and surrounding salt marsh.

Crane Beach in July
On the dunes in February


Front view across the driveway

View of the salt marsh

The Grand Allee
The Casino, where single male guests would stay

View of the Casino, Grand Allee and Back of the House

Every time we go, we see the entrance to Castle Hill.  This was the summer residence of Richard Crane, owner of the Crane Company, whose family made their fortune in the early 1900s in plumbing fixtures and parts.  Each time we drove by we always said that we have to make a trip there because the area is so pretty.  We went yesterday, and even though it was a bit overcast when we arrived it didn’t disappoint.

We drove into the property through the gatehouse and continued up a long winding driveway.  The English style house was very dramatic when it finally came into view, and we were told that the Cranes planned it this way, as a sort of surprise to guests that were coming to visit.  It is actually the second house that they built because the original Italianate style house was not impressive enough!  We spent some time on the grounds and a tour inside the house.

Taking the boardwalk to Steep Hill beach

Steep Hill beach in the fog

 We then took one of the hiking trails that led us down to Steep Hill beach and a walk through the dunes next to the salt marshes.  Just beautiful, especially with the New England Fall color in good show even with the patchy fog.

Salt marsh

Boat in the marsh

I highly recommend this reservation if you are ever in the Metro Boston area.

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