Japanese Apron Pattern Update

Since I moved my blog over to my new site, I had the opportunity to look back over some of my old posts and realized that I never explained how my Japanese apron pattern has changed since I first introduced it in my shop.  My initial version of this apron was a sort of hybrid of my Butcher Apron and the Square Cross Aprons that have recently become very popular.  You can find my explanation for this initial version at this post.

I preferred the cut of the Butcher apron to the Square Cross apron because it was so much more feminine and looked more like a proper dress. (On a side note, I am thinking of re-introducing the Butcher apron because it is such an attractive style!)  Instead of securing the apron with waist ties, I wanted the same simple crossback as in the Square Cross apron even though I knew that I would lose a lot of the shape of the Butcher once the ties were gone.  Fortunately, I did like the final result after the modification.

The apron in the above pictures is actually the apron I wear weekly and is in my favorite aprons rotation, so I think that this design was pretty successful.  The major problem I have with it is the back opens up, especially if you bend forward, and the apron has a hard time staying put.  It was back to the drawing board for this one.

I had to make one slight modification to fix this “opening up” problem and that was to lengthen the apron sides so that it overlaps in the back.  The amount of overlap depends on the waist size of its wearer, so I also went from a “One size fits most” pattern to Small, Medium and Large sizing.  I had gotten requests from customers almost from the time I introduced this style to make them a more custom fit, so adding the sizing to my shop was straightforward.  I have since added many of these simple, yet stylish aprons to my shop in several different fabrics from ticking stripe cotton canvas, burlap, all shades of medium weight linen, quilting cottons, waterproof nylon, heavyweight denim, and home decor weight cotton sateens.

I have also since introduced a Men’s Japanese Apron to my shop, which I will write about in a future post.

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