Cobbler Apron and Potholders in Riley Blake Vintage Kitchen

riley blake vintage kitchen

Riley-Blake-Vintage-Kitchen-fabric-683x1024 I had to write a short post about this cute retro fabric that I have been working with lately.  It is called Vintage Kitchen and is by Andrea Muller for Riley Blake.  It is a colorful collection that features vintage pyrex bowls and casserole dishes and other kitchen utensils among veggies and cute chickens and foxes.  My Mom has a set of bowls that look exactly like the one at the left, and my sister surprised me with a great set of vintage casserole pyrex dishes for my birthday this year!  They are so cute and so practical, too 🙂

I thought that Vintage Kitchen Main in Teal would be perfect to use in one of my Cobbler Aprons.  I also had enough left to make a set of my round Potholders.



vintage kitchen potholders

Vintage Kitchen Potholders

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