Yuwa Dewdrops Seersucker Summer Dress

I bought this gorgeous Yuwa Seersucker fabric from my favorite Japanese fabric seller Miss Matatabi  back in early June.  I had been looking for a lightweight cotton with some sort of a stripe pattern for a summer dress I had on “my projects” to do list.

Yuwa Dewdrops Cotton Lawn Seersucker in Multi

Yuwa Dewdrops Cotton Lawn Seersucker in Multi


I was so excited when I found this fabric because of its light weight and because the stripe is so unique with the different sized circles and the way the lines tend to run into each other and overlap.  And it is a seersucker, which is an added bonus since I had never worked with one before.

The reason I was so intent on getting a striped fabric was because the dress has the back yoke and hem band cut against the grain of the fabric, and the stripes would bring out these elements of the dress design.  I was using Marcy Tilton’s dress View B from Vogue 8876.

Vogue 8876, View B

Vogue 8876, View B

Notice the stripes on the above image?  I thought it was a neat detail and I wanted to use it for sure.  I loved the look of this dress with the casual full shape and the pockets!  I thought that this pattern was really well designed.  It is hard to tell in the image, but the front and back of the dress is constructed out of several curved pieces (four in the front, three in the back), which along with a few pleats creates the shaping and I think adds interest to the bodice.  The pattern pieces all fit together perfectly, even with all the curves.


The only thing I found a little off with this pattern was in the sizing, and this has been mentioned in other reviews I read before sewing this pattern myself.  The dress is cut extremely large.  There are finished measurement for the bust, waist and hips printed on the tissue, so I had a pretty good idea of how the dress was expected to fit – really BIG!  I cut two sizes smaller than my “normal” size, and I still needed to take in about two inches on each side.


Unfortunately I was in such a rush to just get this finished that I didn’t actually try the dress on until I was finished with it.  I ended up taking it in at the very end – not the right way to go about it at all, but it serves me right for rushing.


One thing that I would do differently if I made this dress again has to do with the zipper, which runs the entire length of the front and stops right above the hem band.  I love the idea of a zipper for the dress because they are so much less fussy than buttons.  The pattern calls for a super long separating zipper, 26 inches.  I feel like I did a pretty good search and the only separating zippers I found this long were parka zippers and sport zippers, which I ended up using.  Sport zippers are somewhat heavy duty metal zippers, and they are really clunky with the big zipper tabs and big teeth.  Not at all what you think of for a summer dress, but I did end up using it and I don’t think it is the best choice.   I think that the longest invisible zippers were 24 inches, and I am not sure if they were separating or not.  I think I would use the longest invisible zipper I could find and then just sew the rest of the center seam.  I don’t think it would make a difference to the look of the dress.  Also, the zipper is visible on the inside of the dress, which is okay if you wear the dress completely zipped to the collar, but doesn’t look so nice if you have it unzipped a bit.  I was surprised that there wasn’t a facing to hide the zipper on the inside since there is a facing for the view that uses a button closure.  If I make this dress again I would probably try to make a facing to hide the zipper on the inside.


All in all, I think I like this dress.  It is very comfortable to wear.  I am just glad that today is going to be a summer-like day so I can wear it at least once before the New England Fall weather really kicks in!

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