Border Print Chef Aprons

I love border print fabrics and have always wanted to work with them. These are the fabrics that have some sort of pattern running along one or both of the selvages. You might see unique dresses or skirts made with them.  Here are some great examples:

One project I want to add to my “Projects for Me” list is a dress made out of a fabulous border print fabric.  I rarely get around to actually sewing for myself, unfortunately.  I can count 4 projects off the top of my head that I really wanted to get to last summer, not including my border print dress.

Adding a new project to my Shop to-do list is always a better bet.  I am not sure why I never thought of making my Chef Aprons out of this type of fabric.  But, when I saw From Porto with Love from Sarah Watts, it just hit me.

From Porto with Love – Bakers Apron Cream

Maybe it’s because this particular fabric is called Baker’s Apron?  Who knows, but I knew I had to try it.  What do you think?

I love the look.  I only wish this were in a heavier weight material.  I thought about lining it in a canvas, but thought some customers might prefer a lighter weight apron.  I also think that having wider border prints would really work out well for these aprons, depending on the pattern.

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